Goldie Goodnight

An evil witch, with the blackest eyes, made a deal with the Devil for a thousand lives.

She killed many to seal the deal, and as a token of her deeds, their teeth she’d steal.

Once her evil was discovered, the town called for her head.
Strung up high by her neck, she was hung and left for dead.

Those that lead her to the gallows, were found inside their beds. Eyes wide in fear, and not a single tooth inside their heads.

The Devil’s deal had been done, she had a thousand more lives to live. Through fables and whispers, you know her name. Perhaps you’ve a tooth to give.

In your bed, whilst you sleep,
through the darkness she’ll slowly creep.
If you’ve had a bad word to say, or you don’t believe, you will not wake to see the light of day,
she offers no reprieve.

When you see her, it’s not a dream. Do not open your mouth and do not scream.

So say your prayers and leave a tooth,
only then will she go away,
if you don’t she’ll take them herself…

The Tooth Fairy is coming today.”