Hazel Bellocq

In 1890, the Bayou of Louisiana gave birth to one of the most beautifully evil creatures in its history. Hazel Bellocq was touched by evil the moment she was born. Powerful, murderous and mad, the inhabitants of the Bayou kept their distance. Though she claimed to be touched by God himself, they all knew it was the Devil himself that had marked her.

In 1916, Hazel left the Bayou behind her and went to New Orleans, to stake her claim as one of the fanciest ladies in the brothels of Storyville. Not only did she seek riches, but to satisfy her insatiable blood lust. She was drawn to Emma Johnson’s House of All Nations on Basin Street. A whorehouse known for sadomasochism, fetishism and voyeurism; the closest thing to pure evil that the Crescent City had ever known. That is where she made her home.

1916 would mark the darkest union in the history of Storyville. A dark and handsome regular of the darker corners of Storyville, happened upon Emma Johnson’s; searching for victims that would not be missed. Preying on the poor and often criminal, he found the perfect hunting ground. And soon after, found the perfect partner in Hazel.

He found her in the midst of killing a patron she felt had disrespected her, as was her modus operandi. She froze, believing that her time as a free woman was over. Instead, the Axe-Man came into her boudoir and held her hand as they brutally killed the man together.

For years, they worked as a team. Hazel preferred to kill men that she felt disrespected her delicate and ladylike ways, while her lover was keen to murder women. Together their murders were countless. Together they bathed in the blood of those that had “wronged” them. However, no wrongs had ever been committed against them; they were merely embracing and encouraging the demons within each other.

In 1919, while her lover was away, Hazel took in a handsome patron. While getting to know each other, he commented on her Bayou upbringing. How he knew of this, had no matter. He had disrespected her. Hazel quickly drew her straight razor, squealed “Laissez les bon temps rouler,” and hacked at his throat, leaving him to bleed out on her satin chaise. As she began to wash the blood from her blade, the man rose. He spun her around to face him, blood still pouring from his slowly healing wound, his fangs protruding. He grabbed hold of her throat, pulling her face inches from his. “Stupid, fool Cajun. I am immortal. I am the night. You could have lived eternal lifetimes with me and my people, but you’re a liability. You’re nothing more than a useless swamp whore.” Her eyes grew wide in fear for a moment, and then they filled with a fiery rage. She spat in his face as he snapped her neck.

After her disappearance, whispers throughout the city claim that she returned to the Bayou. Others say that she went to France to find her lover, despite rumors of his infidelity. Her body was never found, but it wasn’t necessary; for Hazel never left Emma Johnson’s. After a time, she returned to Storyville, as the most murderous and vengeful spirit, protecting women she felt had been disrespected or wronged.

To this day she wanders; searching for her lover, the Axe-Man. His legend lives on the wind, calling her immortal and damned soul. God help us all should they be reunited, for together, they are both stronger in death than they ever were in life.