Mona Moreau

In his secret underground laboratory in Victorian London, Dr. Moreau conducted gruesome experiments on animals for the sake of science, interested in determining whether he could make them more human. An uproar ensued, and he was exiled from London to a little island in the South Pacific. However, it was little known that Dr. Moreau left behind a legacy in the form of a small daughter. Little Mona, the result of a tryst between the infamous doctor and a London prostitute, grew up in the dank and dark London alleys. A truly hybridized creation of her father’s, she inherited her father’s inquisitive nature and intellect and her mother’s beauty. Now, unbeknownst to the rest of London, Mona continues the bizarre and ghastly experiments in her father’s place. Do not be caught unaware on the streets at night, lest Mona’s assistants choose you to be her next test subject.