A contemporary necromancer that has descended from ancient Celtic Druids in Ireland who predated the civilizations of Ancient Rome. Her powers derive from a long lineage of soothsayers, sages, philosophers, and bards. A master of divination and dark arts, she’s capable of many abilities, such as conjuring and contacting the dead, practicing sacred rituals and human sacrifices, performing tarot, ouija, palm reading, phrenology, and fortune telling.

Being a proficient oracle, she can summon the past and foresee the future. There is very little outside of her purview, making her a force to be reckoned with. If you dare.

Amanda McGahey is a SFX artist, licensed cosmetologist, artist, and model. She has worked with two of Oregon’s most popular haunted attractions, as well as competed and placed second runner-up in Seattle’s 2016 Crypticon SFX competition. She recently was certified in a Master Course taught by Oscar winning makeup artist Ve Neill. Her alter ego is NecroManda, a soothsayer with ancient Druid backgrounds.