There was once a tale turned true a woman who went by the name of “Nudar” which loosely translates to “Lady of Gold”. A powerful fierce sorceress who tapped into the great dark arts and most trusted advisor to the Great Pharaoh Yafeu. Yafeu was one of the most ruthless Pharaoh’s to ever rule Egypt whom led the greatest army Egypt had ever had. Nudar the Advisor accompanied the Pharaoh on every battle. She alone could predict the future and every out come of the conquests to come.

Nudar who dawned robes and gold paint always had her bat Khofach perched on her staff and was feared by all the men not only because of her magic and foresight but because any man who entered her chambers never lived to see the sun again. The men would quiver whenever they’d hear the echoes and cries from her seduced victims. Some tales even state that she was even a succubus or maybe a vampire and kept the souls of these brave men feeding on them and leaving the scraps and bones to her pet to devour.

One night just like any other before the banners of war were waved and the trumpets wailed she was asked to perform a vision but this time she feared for the life of her Pharaoh for what she saw his demise. The Pharaoh blinded by his bold vanity and pride denied her vision and charged into the fray but as for seen suffered for his selfish greed.

The remnants of the army set fourth back to bring the dead and announce the grave news. Nudar helped carry the corpse of Yafeu. She beset the body of her leader before the Queen. Everyone could hear the her heart hit the floor. Tears ran and emotions flew high and she accused the Nudar of lying to the Pharaoh saying that her motives were because she was jealous that the Pharaoh denied her love for him. The Queen ordered her to be buried and melted alive with a bath of gold that Nudar loved so much. What an outrage Nurse exclaimed out raged telling the Queen if she did this she would curse her people until the end of time to rise again to cease their existence. I have seen many things in my time.

I don’t know if Gods exist but I can tell you that some monsters and myths are true. And I can whole heartedly tell you that Nudar has awoken, the sands have risen, the heavens have parted and hell has been unleashed, the end of live as we know it is set before us.