Ruby Craven

Ruby Craven grew up atop the high peaked Appalachian Mountains in the midst of the deranged madmen she calls family. Having lost her mother shortly after her birth, her only influences were that of her murderous uncle, slimy cousin,  and cannibalistic father. By the time she was 14 Ruby was already trained on how to use her penetrating jewel green eyes, her sly smile, and her indisputable charm. She used these gifts to easily lure unsuspecting victims to a most undeniable, bloody fate. Her sadistic and cannibalistic ways were no longer just a need for survival out on the chilled mountains, but it grew to become a dark, twisted desire; she takes great pleasure in this. Ruby relishes in the thought that those she has ensnared have no idea what is to become of them- she smiles and licks her lips- her next meal.