Sally Nightmare

Sally was a simple girl who just wanted to be loved. She so desperately wanted to be loved…she was willing to give it all.

On a dark and ominous night , with a full moon in the sky, Sally wandered the streets of her home town, looking for a “Dr. Finkelstein” …whom she was told could make her into a “more desirable woman”. She looked all night long and just as the sun stared to come up, she found the Doctor in the cemetery, digging up graves.

Sally was shocked but determined to get what she so desired. She slowly approached the small and frail man and cleared her throat: “Excuse me doctor, but could you help me?”

Without a thought, the doctor replied, “I’ve been expecting you.” He handed Sally a shovel and simply said, “Dig.”

Sally spent the next hour helping the doctor remove a gorgeous specimen, only to be told the doctor needed it for “the greater good of science.” Sally didn’t question him, even though she felt oddly suspicious of this ordeal. They loaded the body into the doctors wagon and slowly made the journey back to his laboratory. Upon arriving, the doctor offered Sally some soup. She was starved and couldn’t resist. Little did she know it was poisoned with deadly night shade and she feel into a deep slumber.

What seemed like an hour to Sally was really months and when she awoke, she did not recognize herself. She was blue and cold and she could see what look like stitches keeping her intact. Sally screamed in horror–the doctor ran into the room and exclaimed, “Isn’t this what you wanted?! To be immortal so you could find your true love’s kiss?!”

The anger grew inside of Sally and she screamed even louder, only to have the Doctor wheel her into a dark and damp room, where he could keep her under lock and key.

After months of being his prisoner, Sally finally had a plan to escape. Once the full moon filled the sky, she knew the doctor would drag her into the cemetery to help him acquire a new specimen. But little did he know, Sally planned to bury him alive.

Standing over the newly exhumed grave, Sally quietly stood behind the doctor and with the caw of a crow watching them overheard, Sally pushed the doctor in and covered him until his screams were no longer heard.

Sally wanted vengeance….for never being loved and for being turned into a nightmare. With each new encounter, whether it was man or woman, Sally had no mercy.

Just as Sally was held together by stitches, she made sure her victims’ mouths experienced the same fate. Sally fed her victims the deadly nightshade soup and as soon as they drifted into sleep , she brought out her needle and thread and stitched their mouth nice and tight so no one could hear their screams and then met their fate of death’s sweet kiss.

So if your loved one ever goes missing, don’t surprised if you find them “tight lipped.”