Samantha Sadistic

Mysterious, with mercurial whims and perverse maleficence, Samantha Sadistic has crawled up from the depths of Hell to enact your most feared nightmare. Is she beautiful, fulfilling your deepest desires, or is she here to bathe in your guts and blood? She will either give you the time of your life or take your life, with her unpredictable moods and lack of morals you will never know. No one knows where she came from or who she really is, but the intensity of her depravity is rumored to make Satan himself pray for her salvation. The many legends associated with Samantha Sadistic all allude to her unbridled insanity, wildcard personality, and her macabre allure. You can’t help but want her, even as she fulfills your last earthly desires. She’ll do the dirty work that no one else will. Her dark energy and the spirits she colludes with oppress all who are (un)lucky enough to cross her path. She’s known for dabbling in every aspect of the occult: witchcraft, sacrifice, and communing with the other wicked denizens of Hell. She’s looking for something, and it just might be the smoking husk of your soul.