Serena Sadagurschi

Serena Sadagurschi, originally born in the Balkan peninsula in 1442. Growing up as a faithful Catholic, she was born from a noble family: a father who belonged with The Order of the Dragon, and a mother who spent her days spreading the word of Christ and leather-making for her community (an unusual skill for a woman in that time). Most of her life was peacefully spent in the presence of her parents, but that all changed when she was 13 years old. Her father was conscripted to fight against the Turkish invasion from the East. This brought about a series of unfortunate events to follow shortly after.

Unbeknownst to her mother, a local townsman had been stalking her for many months and saw her husband’s leave as an opportunity. One night while she was out alone, he approached he. First he asked her to abandon her husband, and then when she refused he demanded it from her. She refused again and this time she started to run and scream. Unfortunately for her, no one was around to hear her call for help. The man caught up with her, she struggled to fight him off but he overpowered her and began strangling her until she passed out.

When she woke, it was morning, “Mum… mum please wake up”, she heard Serena’s voice and felt a warm touch. She opened her eyes to see her daughter’s face and began to cry, and no matter how much Serena asked why or what happened, she could not bring herself to talk about it. They walked back to their home, only to find an unruly mob demanding an interrogation. Apparently that same townsman from last night began to spread a rumor that he had seen Serena’s mother practicing witchcraft. Normally such accusations would have been settled with less excitement, but with the recent invasions, superstition was especially high.

Serena’s mother was brought to a trail of the most unfair type. The methods used to interrogate her ended her life before she even go to fully explain what had happened. Shortly after her mother was murdered, she received word that her father had been killed in the war against the Turkish. After becoming an orphan, other Catholic nobles sought to drain the fortune her father had built for her, they confiscated her remaining fortunate piece by piece claiming that it was “demanded by the Lord’s grace to fight the heathens.” This process went on until she was little better off than peasantry, being only 17 at the time, and even though she had been betrayed by the Church, she remained true to her faith.

Having seen the ruthlessness of men, she devoted herself to celibacy and decided to become a nun. She secluded herself from society and joined a self-sustained monastery. Unfortunately no matter how devote she was, it was never enough for the convent, and so she was distanced from the more senior members (almost all of them) who felt that they had given more than she ever could, that she was tainted by nobility. She endured in the convent regardless of the treatment she received, feeling that her endurance could bring her closer to God.

A few years later the male Clergy had started to make a place in the region, as more priests poured into the community. This rise in population was not unwelcome, as the Clergy town had fallen under hardship during the last winter. While the additional help seemed to be a good thing to Serena, it wasn’t long before one of the male Clergy abandon their vows to pursue perversion, to which Serena was the subject of.

Serena was shunned after trying to speak out about the harassment against her made by her male counterparts. One night while she was sleeping, she had a vision in a dream that showed her how to use blood magic to kill her aggressors. At first she was hesitant to try anything she had seen, but then she realized her situation would not change unless she acted.

Late at night she began the ritual she had seen in her dream. To her surprise, a flame sprung up from the floor and from which the image of a face appeared. The image smiled and then the flame went out. The next day she woke to find out that all of the false male Clergy were found dead, burned alive over the night, and though the Monastic community had no proof, nor was it Serena’s intent, they blamed her because of their animosity towards her.

The nunnery outcast Serena and called her a witch. It wasn’t long before they nailed her to a cross and started to lit a fire, she retorted how injustice and false the Monastery was, and in a bout of misanthropy, vowed that she would haunt humanity for all the wrongs that she had witnessed. As she burned she screamed as if a thousand voices were escaping her at once, the flame roared and spread out through the area. And just as fast as the flame had been excited, it went out, leaving a charred corpse as echoes rang, long after her death, in the ears of everyone around.

Since her death, her spirit remained on earth. She renounced her old name, that no one may find out what really happened that night. As a spirit, she uses possession as a weapon (particularly against members of the church) throughout the ages, enacting her revenge from within…