Xayah Moonblood

Since the beginning of time, the elven and vampiric races have lived on opposite ends of the morality spectrum. While elves are creatures known for their love of life and goodness, vampires are labeled as monsters associated with evil and death. For most of history, these two races existed in a hostile perversion of peace. The only thing that elves and vampires have ever agreed on is that interspecies breeding would be an unprecedented horror. However, certain legends tell of elvish women being violated by vampiric rogues and forced to bear hellish monstrosities into existence. When this occurs, the paradoxical creatures are destroyed immediately after birth, and thus no record of a living, full-grown vampire-elf exists.

Born of an unholy tryst between the two species, Xayah Moonblood is an abomination whose contradictory nature is constantly at war with itself. Her mother, ashamed of her pregnancy, bore Xayah in secret. She planned to kill the baby, but upon seeing her newborn daughter, she hesitated in the innocent gaze of her blood red eyes. The mother’s good-natured elvish naivete proved to be her downfall, as the hungry child already had an overwhelming need to feed.

Days later, a nomadic vampire stumbled across the scene; a bloodless elf corpse, multiple drained forest creatures, and a crying, fanged infant bathed in blood. Even the plant life around them succumbed to death and decay, seemingly transformed by the very presence of the newborn spawn and the staggering amount of evil already within her. The vampire took Xayah back to his vagabond clan, where she was accepted and raised into adulthood.

For the longest time, Xayah Moonblood had a conscience. She killed and tortured along with her vampire family, but the remnants of an elvish nature resided within her heart and slowly ate away at her. Eventually she separated from her adopted tribe to try and find others like her…but she didn’t. She only found herself more alone and at war with her opposing dispositions, consumed by urges and suffering until there was nothing else left. Driven into madness by the agonizing conflict within herself, she eternally wanders the earth in search of solace from her thoughts. The only thing able to sedate her internal pain? Blood.

Preferably yours.